3 Key Properties To Consider When Buying a Stethoscope For a Medical Student


The last 20 years have seen a remarkable advancement in Human medicine. From development of Robotic Surgery to application of Nano technology in medicine, we are glad to live in the present times. While Robots guide surgeons in theatres, computers and apps provide results in almost an instance, the Stethoscope has nearly remained unchanged! We still move around the wards with these tubes hanging around our necks! The discernment and technique of the individual doctor or nurse has remained indispensable in the diagnostic equation.

The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for listening to the internal sounds of the human body. IAs medical professionals, we often use it to listen to lung and heart sounds, sounds in the intestines and blood flow in arteries and veins. In combination with a sphygmomanometer, particularly in resource limited settings, in developing countries, and also on battlefields, it is commonly used for measurements of blood pressure.

Among other things explained by Stethoscope Lab, there are three main properties that make the Stethoscope an important component in the medical diagnostics equation. Before considering Price, for its successful application, the stethoscope has to meet these three properties: Loudness, Clarity and Ergonomics.


Stethoscopes are used for listening to the internal sounds of the human body. Therefore, it is important that one purchases a Stethoscope capable of picking up as much sound as possible from the body part being examined. A stethoscope whose sound level is extremely low can lead to misdiagnoses. It is therefore paramount to choose a stethoscope that has a high enough sound level. Choosing a stethoscope that has a stratified continuous inner lumen is wiser decision.


Apart from having a high sound level, it is imperative that the sound provided is clear. Clarity of sound helps the doctor to distinguish the different sounds. When the sound is not clear, noises that signify disease may be masked and missed by the examining doctor. Choosing a Stethoscope that has a kinetic acoustic mechanism helps to reduce the errors that may come with sound that is not clear!


The classic image of a doctor is one with a stethoscope hanging around their necks. It is therefore important to put design and weight into consideration when purchasing a stethoscope. In places where a doctor examines a large number people per day, the size, shape and make of the earpieces is important. Choosing a Stethoscope that has rubber earpieces, which aid comfort and create a seal with the ear improving the acoustic function of the device can be crucial.


Stethoscopes are still around the hospital corridors, and they are going to hang around your necks for many more years to come. It is therefore important to choose one whose earpieces are soft on your ears, can provide loud enough sound that is clear to make appropriate diagnoses.