Be Safe While You Cuddle Comfortably In The Warmth Of An Electric Blanket

Life becomes a luxury when on a cold winter night you get to sleep under the warmth of your blanket. Normal blankets work as they trap the heat produced by your own body. However, electric blankets provide the advantage of heat production by blanket itself to keep you warm the moment you step in.

A warm electric blanket is all you need on a winter night, so that you cuddle and feel cosy in your bed. The new generation of electric blankets are comfortable, safe and healthy too.

How does an electric blanket work?

Modern day electric blanket use carbon fibre wires that are non-inflammable that generate and circulate heat when the electric plug is attached to the power socket. Rheostats or thermostats are used in most blankets for temperature control and prevention of formation of hotspots.

Keeping you warm is not the only benefit an electric blanket provides you on a cold winter night but it also:

  • relieves the soreness in the muscles
  • helps in healing the aching joints
  • Helps you sleep in comfortable night clothes as compared to winter clothing that is cumbersome and affects a healthy sleep.
  • comes in different sizes to fit your bed perfectly
  • comes with temperature control port on both sides of the blanket so that both the people sharing a bed can take advantage without disturbing anyone.

Safety concerns regarding the use of Electric blanket

Many recent advancements have been made in the functioning of electric blankets to make them as safe as they can be. The new generation blanket uses 24 volts of voltage power as compared to 110-220 volts in the old blankets. You must thoroughly check your existing blankets every year to know if they are safe enough for further use.

Some of the safety concerns are:

  • An old blanket may have exposed wires or its electric system might become faulty over time giving way to easy fire accidents.
  • Since an electric blanket is nothing but an electronic device, you are always surrounded by electromagnetic field once the power is turned on.
  • Such a field of electromagnetic radiation is unsafe especially when you are pregnant, as even a little possibility of overheating can harm the foetus.
  • Infants and children must not be left alone in these blankets because of the risk of overheating that may affect certain areas of the blanket.
  • People with diabetes face loss of sensation at certain periods of time, so they will not feel the effect of overheating unless they catch a severe damage to skin.

Electric blankets must not be used by any person who cannot manage the blanket controls by themselves. Use alternative heating methods for them and be safe.