The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers

I totally get it, when you’re just starting out and you see all those accounts with tens of thousands of followers you want that too. You start liking other peoples posts, comment on them occasionally, and even follow people.

The result: Your account grows at a steady pace of two followers per day.

You start thinking by yourself, there must be a better way than blindly clicking all those buttons, one after the other, as a matter of fact, you almost start to feel like you are a bot and this is where your search starts. A bot that can do the same thing over and over, and much faster than you ever could as such a thing could go on 24/7/365.

If this is you I completely understand how you feel about all this and to help you out a little I decided to write something about Instagram bots that you can do everything that you’ve done yourself so far. The only thing it can’t do are building connections with real people, having conversations with them and such but I’m sure now that the most mundane tasks will soon be handled by the bot you will have some spare time left to get yourself familiar with other (wannabe) influencers.

You do have to realize that bots are frowned upon, just as easily as they can help you they could also ruin your account for good.

Yes, you might not have thought of that but if you leave the bot 100% on auto-pilot it’s inevitable that it will trigger some alerts and although you won’t lose your account right away there is a very real chance that Instagram, or better said the parent company Instagram puts heavy restrictions on your account.

Such restrictions mean that your organic reach drops to near zero. The only people you will be able to reach are your initial followers and even that is not so easy anymore. Say you have 50 real followers and you usually managed to reach 20-30 of them per post. After your account has been flagged you should be lucky to reach 5-10 people at a time at most.

Although we wanted to share a couple of bots with you, and describe them a little bit like what they are capable of and how well people rated them there are other sites like TrustAdvisor that do a better job at that, so I move the keyboard over to them.