Birthday Gifts for Their 60th Year

If you know someone who will be 60 years old on their next birthday, you may find yourself wondering what type of gift to give? Should it be something humorous, to lighten the fact that the person is approaching his golden years, or something nostalgic to show that you appreciate the milestones he has reached?

The good news is that you have a lot of choices available to you. The trick is to find just the right one, so here are a few ideas to help your quest easier:

–A gift basket filled with the person’s favorite ways to unwind, like a music CD, a DVD of a classic movie he enjoys, or an assortment of tea or coffee or chocolates. If your person is one who likes saving money and stocking upon food, consider a vacuum sealer. If you don’t know much about them, choose a site like which has reviews and tips to help you purchase the right one.

–A special CD. Speaking of CD’s, along with one containing his or her favorite music, why not make one containing songs that were popular during the person’s birth year.

–Another gift idea is finding a copy of a newspaper from the year the person was born. It’s amazing reading the headlines from the very day you were born.

–A memory album. This can include photographs of special times in the person’s life, or copies of important events like birth certificate, marriage license, greeting cards that may have been saved over the years, an old driver’s license, awards, ribbons, etc. A related idea having to do with photos is a digital photo album. It may be a little on the technical side for a 60 year-old, but once you demonstrate how it works, they won’t want to part with it, and can add photos for years to come.

–Another idea for a 60th birthday present is a pet. Even if the person has never had time for one before, maybe now is the time for them to reconsider. A cat or dog makes a nice companion and gives the person something extra special to do with their free time. Together they can stroll around the yard, go for walks, even ride along with the person in the car in a carrier. This is especially nice if it’s a person who has lost a spouse or significant other.

–A gift card. This is for the person who has everything. At one time giving a gift card was frowned upon, but given that times change and the economy is as it is, it’s more acceptable to give a gift card for a birthday present. This way the person can go shopping and find something he or she really wants or needs.