Dog Crates 1

When I first got my puppy, my friend with a 12-year-old dog told me that she wished she had crate trained her dog at an early age. I took this to heart. You may want to use a dog crate, but making sure your dog will go in their crate is an important first step.

There are many reasons you might want a dog crate. If you want some guidance on which crate to choose, then this is a very informative site You will find some great guidance on many good crates, but why do you need a dog crate?

Why Crate Your Dog?

Some people think it is cruel to put your dog in a crate. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are doing it for your dog’s safety. You use a dog crate, or cage, to keep your dog safe and secure.


    • Travel. The main use for a dog crate is when they travel in your car. Some dogs can be confined using a doggy seatbelt but there are some drawbacks. My dog managed to chew her way out of hers and then wriggle out of some. They are also not great for long journeys. Now she is quite happy to jump up into her crate. She lays down and goes to sleep on long journeys and I know she is safe and secure.
    • Training aid. If you have a young puppy, new young dog or a dog that doesn’t like to be left alone, a crate is a safe place where they can be left alone for a short space of time.
    • Safe place. Your dog may want a safe place of their own. Especially if you have young children who love to pester the dog. When left open, it gives your dog a safe place to retreat to, whilst staying with the family.

Types of Crate.

There are two main types of crate – wire or fabric. I actually have one of each. I have a wire crate that stays in the car. My dog and I go out in the car daily so it is easy to keep it in the car. It is also a travel crate when we go on holiday as it keeps her secure in her new environment.

I have a large fabric crate for use in the house, and this is where she sleeps. I was a bit dubious as she can be a bit of a chewer, but it has been fine.

If you only want to buy one, a wire crate is easier to move about and clean but research which crate is most suitable for you and your dog.