Excellent Guide on Why to keep Employee ID Cards in Your Organization

The very first thing you get on your joining an organization is an ID card. Apart from other important documents, this employee ID card is required to be carried along whenever you are going to the office.

Such ID cards typically have information such as employee photo, name, department and job title etc. which makes it possible to simplify employee identification, thereby enhancing security and integrity of an organization.

Reasons Why an ID card Is Important

  • Employment Proof


An ID card provides more information about an employee besides his name. It is a proof of association that an employee has with his company. Without this, security personnel don’t let an employee enter into office premises.

  • Helps in Restricting Access

In most of the companies, all employees don’t have access to other departments. Moreover, there are some floors/rooms/facilities/cabins and amenities, which are not accessible to everyone. In such a case, an employee ID card provides information about who has access to which department.

  • Sense of Belongingness to Employee

An employee wants to the organization he/she has joined and ID cards provide such sense of belonging not only to the organization, but also to other members of the organization. Such belongingness provides them an impulse to perform better, which is good for any organization.

  • Ease in Tracking Entry and Exits

Employee ID cards provide a way to track an employee’s entry and exit timings. The card has to be swiped at the entrance of premises or at door of specific department. Such ID cards mean that employees are not required to sign any attendance register or something for keeping track of in and out times.

  • Benefits of Special Discounts

Some bug organizations offer their employees lot of perks which are in form of ticket discounts at theatres, restaurant discounts and many others. It’s easy to get access to such discounts by showing ID cards.

  • A Part of Company’s Work Culture

Employee cards serve as an important part of any organization, be it small or big. The scope and what an ID card represents varies across organizations. For some, it’s a part of employee evaluation while for others, it’s just a security feature which makes an organization more secure.


These are just a few of many reasons why an employee ID card is vital for any organization. As mentioned, ID card plays various roles, which in some or the other way helps the organization and the employee.