Factors To Consider When Selecting An Ukelele

When it comes to music, the choice of instruments determines whether the experience will be fun or hectic. Choosing the right type of musical instrument can be an uphill task especially for beginners. Think about the different models and brands that also vary in price and size. Ukelele is a famous musical instrument that many people confuse with a guitar. Tracing its roots in the state of Hawaii, this musical instrument is known worldwide. The following are basic features to consider when selecting an Ukelele

Type of Hardware

An Ukelele comes with tuners which are also known as machine heads or tuners. These machine heads fall under two categories namely tension and geared tuners. Tension hardware lacks a mechanism that can keep them away from moving. Such a model relies on the tension of the strings that one binds against the pegs on the headstock. The makes under this category are prone to falling out of tune. You have to keep on tuning the ukulele resulting to time wastage. Geared tuners come with locking gears that make tuning easy. Such models are somehow expensive, but they are worth the price because it is easy to maintain the tune.


Different types of Ukeleles serve different classes of people. Some of the most common designs are concert, soprano, baritone and tenor. Soprano models are the oldest and most popular in the market. They are a great pick for both professionals and amateurs and are known for their authentic sound. Concert ukuleles look like a soprano ukulele, but it is larger in size. They come with more frets and produces a louder sound than soprano models. Baritone Ukelele is the largest and resembles an acoustic guitar. Tenor ukuleles are a good pick for experienced musicians because they have low music range. You can learn more about the different designs at FourStringFun.


You have to consider where you shall be using your Ukelele. Soprano ukuleles are the most portable because they are small in size. You also have to consider the external environment and pick one that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Concert ukuleles are famous for recordings and live performances. Acoustic-electric ukuleles are also favorite picks for performers because they come with inbuilt components that make the music experience worthwhile.

Some models are fit for beginners while others suit experienced artist. Buy an instrument that satisfies your needs not just because it is the cheapest in the market.