How To Get More Comments And Likes On Instagram

With Instagram, more engagement means more visibility. You may have a good number of followers but if they do not engage with your content, it becomes difficult for your brand to grow. A solid engagement rate is enough proof to Instagram that your work is valuable and thus you need to get concerned if no one likes, comments or shares your posts.

Here are a few key actions you need to implement to become an Instagram engagement mastermind.

Be Thoughtful In Your Replies

People always want to feel the warmth and friendship in every conversation. You definitely want to give your followers the same experience. When people comment on your posts, treat them like a valued part of your community. Appreciate them and make them feel important. Make them know that you care about what they have to say. In case you are using an automation tool such as Wizboost and several others listed here, make sure you do not automate all your replies as these may appear unreal and spammy.

Create Witty Captions

Well-thought-out captions can help ignite engagement in your posts and comments. Instagram allows you to use emojis to create an emotional atmosphere and entertain your followers. By incorporating them in your captions, posts, and comments, your profile becomes more visual and stands out from boring ones.

Ask Questions

This is one of the easiest ways to encourage people to engage with your content. Incorporate some questions in your posts as this will give them a personal touch and make your followers feel involved in what you are doing.

Create A Call-To-Action

If you do not ask for anything from your followers, they will assume your posts. You need to give them a reason to pause on your content and visit your profile. Try and encourage them to comment on your photos. Leave some instructions at the end of your posts and you will notice an increase in the number of comments and likes.

Promote Your Account on Other Social Media Channels

If you are on other social media platforms, there is a great possibility that you can successfully draw your audience from them. For example, you can mention your brand name on Twitter and encourage your followers to check out your Instagram page. Cross promotion boosts your online presence and can be used to drive traffic to your website as well.

Final Words

Most Instagram users love it when their work is shared as it creates the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Any time you need to leave a comment on the platform, do it properly and people will always engage you back.