How to Split Wood

A log splitter is a device or tool used for cutting wood into several shapes for different purposes . This is a method that has been in use for years most importantly in Africa as it helps in the making of firewood which is used as fuel to cook.

Log splitting requires maximum concentration and attention because you have to glue your eyes to the wood you are cutting as failure to do that can as well lead to injury.

In ancients’ days before the advancement in technology, Axe is the tool that is being used to split logs. This is achieved by aiming the middle of the log with the axe head, splitting doesn’t happen with the first strike and this is why you have to be persistent with your target until the log is broken down and ready for use.

With the help of technology, the use of axe for cutting logs is going into extinction as there are new developments which make Splitting Wood much easier for you.

Let’s take a look at the types of log splitters

Electric Splitters

This log splitter works with the use of electricity and it is comfortable to use. This device can be used indoor as you don’t have any cause to worry because there will no destructive or hazardous exhaust when in utilization.

The vast majority of the electric splitters are intended to be used with current supply of about 100 and above voltage and they are less expensive.

Manual Splitters

They are quite different from electric splitters as users will have to be more involved in the cutting of wood. This is a lightweight device and therefore it is the best household log splitter. It is not as expensive as gas splitter and electric splitter and you can find them easily in the market.

Gas Splitters

Most people don’t use gas splitter for cutting wood because they are difficult to handle. Although they are effective and efficient and can be used to split wood that is too hard for manual and electric splitters to cut. This is expensive and it can’t be used indoor just like the electric splitter because it produces harmful gas when in utilization.

Hydraulic Log Splitters

This type of log splitter can be overlooked when it comes to splitting wood in a faster way. This splitter comes in different sizes and you can get one depending on the nature of your work. It is a powerful cutting device which has big surface area for splitting wood.


Log splitters makes work easier and saves you time and energy; therefore if you want to purchase a log splitter, i will suggest you opt for an electric one.