Improving your Clairvoyance ability

According to a psychicfact, Clairvoyance is the ability to see images and pictures that can serve as clues and therefore gives answers to your questions about the past, future and present. The ability to see things is not for some particular set of people but can be developed by anybody who is interested in the ability and can sacrifice some attitude, time and behavior. Below are the steps you need to take to develop and improve your clairvoyance ability and skills.

Unblock your inner eye

This is the first thing to do on the way to being clairvoyant. It means removing the entire blockage you use to close the inner eyes like fear of seeing the future or not believing what you see. To unblock, you need to sit in a quiet room feeling relaxed and settled without any form of disturbance. Focusing on your breathing and say any affirmation like “I release any fear that is blocking my third eye and I allow myself to open it right now”. Psychic believed that by practicing this always, you will be able to unblock the third eyes.

Always concentrate on your third eye

After unblocking and releasing the fear of seeing with your third eye, you will need to concentrate on it for you to open it. This can be done by focusing on the chakra (located between your two eyes. It is believed to be the location of your third eyes) and try to see an horizontal oval shape their (you may not see it at the first time but with constant practice you will be able to see it). Ask it to open and repeat the affirmation “I release any fear that is blocking my third eye and I allow myself to open it”.

Pay attention to images

I believed your third eyes would have been open right now, if not try the first two steps again and if so continue with this step. Now that your third eye is opened, you will be able to see images and pictures in your mind without disturbance. However, they can come in black and white, as cartoons, still images, or moving objects but in a small, blurry and vague form.

Once this appears congratulations, now the next thing to do is to make them bold, clear and in bigger size to be able to see what they mean. To make them bigger, you can start saying words like “I ask you to be clear and bold now”. Make sure you say this with all your might and with full concentration and I believed by now the images will start increasing.

These are the steps you need to practice for you to develop a clairvoyance skill and to use them.