How To Increase Likes On Your Instagram Posts

If you thought that industrial revolution was the last revolution to happen under the sun then you must be mistaken. The marketing space is still undergoing the same and if you are not armed, then you are likely to miss a lot. Digital marketing is taking center space and replacing traditional marketing of physical posters and billboards that used to dominate the space not too long ago. You may have noted online flyers and posters that are spread through social platforms such as Instagram. The number of followers that you have on Instagram has a direct impact on the conversions you get. The following are fool-proof tips on how to likes on your posts.

    1. Post user-generated content

Proofing that you offer products that satisfy customer needs is not a walk in the park especially when you are starting out. However, you can get some few testimonials from satisfied customers and use them to boost your credibility. You do not need to fabricate the testimonials but just post something that people can relate to. Ask for referrals from such customers and request them to promote your products on their pages. Tag these users when you are making such posts as this as well increases your credibility to the general public.

    1. Automate some processes

Engaging customers can be time-consuming and remember that you have other duties to tend to. Balancing between engaging customers and fulfilling orders can be quite overwhelming and you might find yourself neglecting one. Remember the two tasks are important and this calls for automation of one of the processes. There are many automation tools that you can use to engage, like posts and increase followers on your account. Spire has a list of 26 ways you can use to get natural likes on your posts and increase engagement rate on your account.

    1. Post quality content

The nature of the content you post on your timeline determines the rate of engagement that will be on your account. Quality content attracts followers who need something that adds value to their lives. Avoid reposting the same content over and over again as this will bore your customers. However, you can post old photos and videos once in a while to show customers your entrepreneurial journey and thank them for the support. Ensure that the hashtags you use resonate with your niche and do not overuse them. Focus on original content because modern-day customers are after original ideas.