The Many Benefits of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printers

For a long time now, continuous inkjet printers have been used in the cosmetics, beverage, automotive, constructive and several other industries to meet some coding and marking demands. The printers play a major role in situations where speed, reliability, and flexibility are needed. Often referred to as CIJ printers, they typically work by sending a continuous stream of ink to a printer, which breaks it into small droplets that are charged selectively to a surface to achieve the desired mark. This type of printers has been around for over three decades and although they differ in design, they use the same concept to create a quality output.

As a business owner, you may want to consider using CIJ printers because of the following advantages.

High Production Speed

CIJ printers utilize a non-contact method to create high-speed markings on products as they go through the production line. Most commonly, they are used to print labels, time, date and shift codes on a large batch of products onto almost any material such as wood, metal, glass, rubber, and plastic. The high velocity of the ink droplets allows for a high speed of printing. The ink used in CIJ technology dries very fast and this is a great advantage for a fast moving production environment.

Print Quality

Despite the high production speeds, one significant advantage of all CIJ printers is that the quality of output is often despicable. The printers are able to accommodate a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and texture to replicate the exact specifications of a client to the end product. With the ability to expel ink droplets that are as small as half the size of human hair, the machines are able to print even the smallest characters without compromising on precision and clarity.


Using continuous inkjet printers allows you to make prints on flexible materials and uneven surfaces. Since the printer’s nozzle does not come in contact with the material at any time, it is possible to spray across edges and on curved surfaces with ease. With some notable CIJ printer brands like the ones found at Needham Coding, you do not have to worry about dealing with delicate surfaces as the results will still be of premium quality.

Adjustable Frequency Levels

These printers offer great flexibility and can be adjusted to fit all your printing preferences. Whenever you need to print smaller or large letters, you can change the nozzle size to achieve thinner or thicker streams of ink droplets respectively. You may also change the frequency at which certain colors are dispatched to achieve the output that you desire.

In Conclusion

Since CIJ printing has been around for a long time, it has been tried and tested on major applications and its benefits are awesome. You can choose this technology to ensure robust, cost-effective and versatile printing.