Pros and Cons of Twitter Automation

Automation has undoubtedly lightened the burden of social media marketers and entrepreneurs alike. The convenience of knowing that your social media presence is intact without spending your limited time online is mind-relaxing. Twitter, for instance, is very demanding. It requires you to tweet multiple times a day in order to keep your followers engaged. Thanks to automation tools, you can schedule your tweets at different times of the day, while you engage in other matters that need your full attention. However, as cool as automation may seem, it comes with its fair share of shortcomings as noted by Fred Harrington. This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter automation.


Apart from enhancing your brand’s presence on Twitter, you have a whole lot of other things to do. By automating your account, you can save valuable time to spend with your family or engage in other important activities.

On the other hand, automation allows you to schedule your tweets at a specific time or day. That way, even if you get caught up in other activities or you fall ill, your social media presence will remain undeterred. If your timing is correct, your tweet can positively impact your marketing strategy.

You can schedule linked tweets and feed traffic to your other social media accounts, website, or blog. Without automation, it would require you a significant amount of time to publish those links where you need them. Therefore, automation not only saves time but also saves you the effort to keep doing repetitive tasks over and over again.


It’s crystal clear that by using automation tools, you are being dishonest with your followers. Bearing in mind that social media interactions are meant to build trust and establish lasting relations, using bots means that your engagement will be lacking the much-needed personal touch. With most Twitter users today wary of fake and robotic accounts, it’s just a matter of time before your followers discover your tricks, which is bad for your brand’s image.

By scheduling tweets, you are taking a big risk as you don’t know what may be trending at that particular time. If the context of your tweet is out of place, people may have a different perspective regarding your brand. For instance, suppose there has been a terrorist attack and everyone is horrified by the incident. As the rest of Twitter explodes with tweets regarding the incident, your scheduled post appears with your photo and the caption “you only live once” Such a post will not only be misplaced but will make you appear insensitive. Whereas you wouldn’t do that personally, you’ll have to innocently carry the burden of automation.