What Are Chainsaws All About

Gone are those days when two people were required to operate the saw when cutting logs into pieces. Only one person does this now, and this after a very short period. This is possible thanks to the capability of the chainsaw. This is the portable version of the manual saw, powered by a two-stroke engine similar to that used in vehicles. Some are powered by hydraulic power or compressed air.

You must have seen the chainsaw in use or in a movie when a tree is being felled down, or a log being cut into pieces. Though not everyone needs the tool, you might be one of the people that need this saw. Before you even find out how to buy the right saw from Chain Cutting, you need to know something about this equipment.

The Parts

The chainsaw is made of different parts that work together to execute the various actions. However, a few essential parts make up the structure. The engine, the drive mechanism, guide bar and a cutting chain are the significant parts. You will find that the specifications for these components vary between the different chainsaws depending on the kind of use the chainsaw is meant for. The regular chainsaw that you use for cutting logs has a long blade powered by a two-stroke engine. On the other hand, the chainsaw meant for carving has a short narrow-tipped blade.


You need to maintain the chainsaw regularly for it to work correctly for longer. You can do this on your own or get an expert to do it for you. The first thing you need to handle is the lubrication of the saw. The parts are movable and therefore need to be lubricated regularly to continue working. Keep the engine, chain and bar well lubricated as well.

To lubricate the parts, make sure you use oil that is recommended for this purpose called chain oil or bar oil.  This oil, unlike regular oil, is thick and greasy to prevent the oil from being thrown off when cutting. Motor oil will not serve the purpose correctly.

Final Words

A few years ago, it took two people to cut a log into pieces. This took time and a lot of energy. The introduction of the chainsaw made it possible for you to do the same amount of work in a shorter time using less effort. Make sure you choose the right saw for the task.